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Purchasing Service

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Purchasing Service

Purchasing Service

Good EngineTM will fully understand the client's project specific needs and goals, and help our clients overcome language and cultural barriers through our professional team to jointly manage the various tasks in project procurement. We provide a full range of procurement services, effectively integrate the specific conditions of the project, provide owners with qualified equipment and suppliers in a fast, efficient, reliable and low-cost way, optimize customer procurement in China, and reduce overall projects. cost.
1. Local procurement services, including equipment, materials and spare parts.
2. Provide supplier screening support.
3. Call for service.
4. Inspection services, including quality supervision and management of the supplier's product manufacturing process.
5. Logistics coordination.
6. Customs clearance work.
7. Consultation on VAT refund and tax exemption for imported equipment.
8. Procurement work combined with design and construction.
9. On-site material control.

10. Subcontract management.

We have:

Excellent staff:

We have a large number of professional, experienced and hardworking procurement engineers who have strong professional background and fluent English level. They are excellent equipment engineers, process engineers, electrical engineers and HVAC engineers in the engineering industry and so on.

Advanced Management System:

We have an advanced procurement management system with years of sourcing experience sharing in the US and Europe to respond quickly to any procurement needs of the project.

Extensive experience:

In the past few years, we have purchased equipment and materials for engineering projects of different sizes. We are familiar with relevant domestic policies and regulations, and are familiar with domestic preferential policies for foreign investment. Our knowledge and experience in this area have benefited our customers.


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