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Engineering Design / Management

  • Engineering Design / Management
Engineering Design / Management

Engineering Design / Management

Good EngineTM helps clients balance assets, maintain social and environmental benefits, improve sustainability, and increase profitability by providing expertise and technology. Helping customers seize new market opportunities and create new energy economies, and strive to be a leader in sustainable development.

Good EngineTM has a professional technical team to provide customers with quality design services in engineering construction projects. The technical team consisting of experienced experts and designers uses the international mainstream process simulation, 3D design, stress analysis, safety analysis and other software of the company's equipment to customize the engineering design products that meet international standards, national standards and industry standards. Comprehensive design services including front-end design, preliminary design, detailed design and construction drawing design.

The advantages of Good EngineTM's engineering services are:

1. Achieve good file control and effective information security protection.
2. Global standards and program files can be used to ensure design quality.
3. Through the international management, the design progress is guaranteed.
4. International management methods provide strong support for procurement.
5. Fully mobilize STI and SAR global resources and network platforms.

Engineering design plays a decisive role in the advanced nature and competitiveness of the project, often determining 70 to 80% of the production and operating costs of the project. Engineering design is the core part of the project, an important process of project implementation, a key link in dealing with the relationship between technology and economy, and a key stage in controlling project cost. Whether the technology used in the project is advanced and the economy is reasonable, directly determines the reliability of production and operating costs. Good Engine TMcan undertake the following engineering design tasks:


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