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Construction Management

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Construction Management

Construction Management

Good EngineTM has a complete construction management system to ensure green construction, civilized construction, and standardized construction during the project cycle. It embodies the unity of efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and high quality construction management.
For the entire process, all aspects of the project and the node control in each construction process, we use an advanced structured and programmed management platform to ensure the timely delivery of the project.
The key to QHSE (quality, health, safety, and environmental protection) management during construction is the control of manpower, machine tools, materials, construction methods, and the environment.
Personnel: Control and management of organizations and personnel.
Machinery: All tools and equipment used for construction should have corresponding test reports and certifications, which meet the quality and safety requirements.
Materials: Material transportation, on-site inspection and protection shall be performed in accordance with the appropriate management procedures and standards.
Method: All construction work must be carried out in a safe analysis and compilation plan, which is strictly implemented during the construction process.
Environment: Comply with local laws and regulations and strict industrial practices during the life of the project.


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