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Project Management / EPC

Project Management / EPC

Good EngineTM provides clients with international level project management and general contract engineering services in China and overseas.
Good EngineTM has excellent project management talents, advanced management system, and accumulated rich experience in project management execution for many years to provide satisfactory services to customers. Can undertake process and non-process projects, including petrochemical, petroleum, chemical, gas, industrial automation, environmental protection and other types of project business, including
1. EPC general contracting project.
2. PMC project management services.
3. EPCm design + management project.
4. Project consulting services.
Good EngineTM provides project management and general contracting experience covering all five phases of the project cycle, and can provide tailored engineering services tailored to the key operational characteristics of each phase, enabling customers to successfully select and implement projects. Increase your assets and achieve optimal long-term operational benefits. At the same time, we have an internationally integrated series of project management systems, systems and tools, including: Project Management Package (PMP) and Enterprise Management System (EMS) to ensure successful project delivery.

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