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Structure 3D Service

  • Steel Structure 3D Service
Steel Structure 3D Service

Application range

Software function

1. Tekla Structures' detailed design of the 3D environment ensures error-free collaboration during the construction and installation phases. The precise Tekla Structures model shows the “finished” effect of the steel structure, and if the structure on the screen is reasonable, it is certainly reasonable on site.
2. Tekla Structures provides a comprehensive library of intelligent nodes. The range of nodes ranges from end plates, angle steel splints and steel pipes to handrails and stairs that automatically adapt to the position of the application. Users can easily model and store company-specific settings for use in future projects.
3. All required drawings and reports can be automatically generated by a detailed 3D model. Drawings are associated with the model, so any changes made to the model are automatically reflected in the output.

(1) All relevant nodes will respond to changes and automatically update.

(2) Automatic collision check can effectively reveal possible conflicts.

(3) Keep drawings updated

(4) Automatically create various list reports

4. Tekla Structures software can handle complex steel structure projects and is an ideal solution for the design, procurement and construction of the project.
5. Tekla Structures software modeling tools cover all standard sections and materials, including tubular and elliptical sections as well as individual welds and bolts.
6. Owners, designers, builders, and others who wish to view and control the model can simultaneously operate the Tekla Structures model, which is a reliable window for understanding project information during processing.
7, because of the easy access and update engineering design drawings, quality control is also guaranteed.

Data exchange

The data interface developed by Tekla Structures allows the exchange of model data with all software in the current engineering industry. The standard formats supported by Tekla Structures include IFC, CIS/2, SDNF, and DSTV. The proprietary formats supported by Tekla Structures include: DWG, DXF, and DGN.

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Chinese standard
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12. JGJ 82-2011 Technical Specification for High Strength Bolt Connections of Steel Structures


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