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3D Design

  • PDMS / AM 3D Design
PDMS / AM 3D Design

1. PDMS/AM is a 3D digital factory design system.
2. In PDMS/AM, multiple disciplines can be collaboratively designed to create a detailed 3D digital factory model.
3. Each designer can view various related information at any time during the design process, and all component information can be stored in the parameterized component library.
4. In the design process, the collision can be adjusted and the design ideas of each major can be optimized to ensure the accuracy of the design results as a whole. At the same time, PDMS can output various standard engineering reports and materials according to the setting style required by users and owners. The report and the corresponding drawings.

Application range


Main structure                                             Ladder railing

Cable tray                                                  Indoor air duct

Living building Electrical module

Surrounding wall and outdoor opening                   Section


Pipe ISO diagram                                Pipe layout

MDS automatic support hanger             TEKLA drawing: parts


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