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Heat Tracing System Integration

  • Heat Tracing System Integration
Heat Tracing System Integration

1. Professional system integrator of electric heat tracing system, many years of experience
2. Electric heating system specialized in dangerous places
3. Experienced technical team and construction team to provide complete design, construction and after-sales service
4. Long-term cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad

Heat tracing system
1. Electric heating cable              2.Connection system
3. Control system                        4. Installation accessories


Self-limiting temperature
Heating through the conductive core body.
The heating power is determined according to the resistance of the core wire and the magnitude of the voltage.

Constant power heating cable
This type of electric heating cable needs to be verified by a professional technical engineer before it can be produced and applied!

Mi high temperature heating cable
It belongs to constant power heating cable and has the same heating mechanism.
Can withstand high temperatures and strong corrosion.
1. Copper-nickel alloy       2. Stainless steel       3. 825 alloy

Connection system
1. Power junction box                           2. Cold end connector

3. The intermediate connector              4. The terminal connector

Control System
The electric heating is controlled by the temperature controller to control the start and stop of the electric heating, and the automatic operation is realized.
1. Single channel electronic temperature controller           2. Multi-channel electronic electric heating
3. Mechanical thermostat                                                    4. Temperature probe

Mounting accessories
1. Hose clamp    2. Bracket    3. Label    4. Stainless steel wire    5. Steel mesh
6. Glass fiber tape    7. Aluminum foil tape    8. Protective bushing    9. Panel

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