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Explosion-Proof Integration

  • Explosion-proof Integration
Explosion-proof Integration

Explosion-proof concept

Basic principle of explosion protection

1. The concept of explosion:

Refers to a substance that changes from one state, through physical or chemical changes, suddenly to another state, and emits enormous energy, producing light and heat or mechanical work. Divided into physical explosions, chemical explosions, nuclear explosions.

2. the basic principle of the explosion (explosion triangle principle)

●Explosive substances

●Air (oxygen)

●Ignition source (open flame, hot surface, self-ignition ignition or burning dust, mechanical sparks, electric spark, static, electric spark, etc.)

3. Basic methods to prevent explosions from occurring

● Avoid an explosive environment - the ideal method (hard to achieve)
● Eliminate and eliminate possible ignition sources - the actual method
● Limit one or several of the elements to meet explosion protection requirements. Such as manufacturing positive pressure, monitoring of explosive gas concentration, limiting ignition source (main means)

Explosion-proof system

Classification, grading, grouping of explosive mixtures

Service Introduction

●In line with international certification standards and quality system, localized production and support
●We have obtained and provided the “Overall Plan” certificate.
●We are always ready to provide pre-sales technical services and training programs

Engineering Center dedicated to the solution integration business
Work closely with customers around the world to design and manufacture customized solutions based on application needs, including all types of explosion-proof equipment.

●Our solution engineering center is located all over the world, right next to customers
●Experts in the field of explosion-proof and hazardous environments
●Provide comprehensive support from engineering solutions to factory applications


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