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Electrical Module Service

  • Electrical Module Service
Electrical Module Service

Service Introduction

An electrical module is a collection of devices or components that are assembled to perform a function or complete a process in order to simplify the in-place installation process. Widely used in offshore, chemical, nuclear power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and other fields. As a professional electrical module design and manufacturer, we have a wealth of experience.
Good EngineTM actively researches and develops electrical modular product models to meet the business development needs of the industrial sector, thereby reducing the workload of on-site installation and commissioning on a large scale, shortening the project construction cycle, and reducing project construction costs for customers.

1. Electrical Module Design - Good EngineTM has the ability to customize the module according to the overall layout and convert the design into module manufacturing.

2. Detailed design → publishing construction drawings → electrical modular prefabrication → pipeline prefabrication → main steel structure manufacturing and assembly → testing → transportation

3. Electrical modular manufacturing - Good EngineTM can be modular manufacturing and certified according to ASME, Canadian CWB, EU PED and other welding systems, magnetic powder testing, radiation testing, ultrasonic testing, etc., one-time pass rate of 98% or more

4. With a full range of engineering design capabilities

5. Rich experience in purchasing local equipment and equipment/materials

6. Ability to select and manage manufacturing sites through analysis of professional manufacturing capabilities and the resources and capabilities of a strong assembly site

7. Experience in logistics planning and coordination at all stages of the project

8. Have rich experience in overseas project management, have a professional team, fully understand the professional knowledge of local project implementation, and ensure the high quality of project execution through an effective quality management system.

9. Understand international standards and have rich experience in applying international standards such as CSA, ASME, DNV, BV, ABS, BS, EN, etc.

Service process

Before communicating with customers, we will first understand and collect the background of the industry in which our clients' projects are located. We will prepare industry technical standards for related projects. In addition, the technical details of the project are clearly defined according to the technical specifications provided by the customer. To do this, we will do the following:

Industry Application

Application Brief

Introduction to Electrical Module Selection

We have a deep understanding of the electrical modules in different industries, so we can confidently face the needs of different applications of our customers and provide a corresponding comprehensive and integrated solution to provide value-added services to our customers. After the program was fully approved by the user, we immediately began designing, calculating, manufacturing, on-site installation, commissioning and acceptance.

1. Electrical module use environment

2. Electrical module size

3. Electrical module layout

4. Electrical module room gravity distribution calculation, dynamic static force analysis, wind and vibration force analysis, electrical room strength calculation, design weight, hoisting calculation, dust accumulation force analysis and other professional calculations

5. Electrical module equipment power supply capacity, air conditioning and heating equipment power calculation

6. Electrical module exterior wall and interior decoration materials list

7. Steel structure welding and processing requirements

8. The requirements and types of spray paint, there are fire-proof and non-fire-proof type, there are many types of paint, need to be clear

9. The overall protection level of the electrical module

10. Positive pressure form or ordinary form

11. Selection of facilities in the electrical module, including doors, door locks, windows, sanitary facilities, air conditioning installation methods, etc.

12. Electrical module incoming cable and water pipe requirements

13. Electrical module lifting form

14. Clear supply scope, do a good job design


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