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Module Integration

  • Module Integration
Module Integration

Module integration service is a new approach based on the post-professional division of labor. This model is characterized by the business contracting method and business cooperation on specific projects of customers. The customer gets the project order from the owner, and we create a complete set of project execution limited full-process services for the customer. To put it simply, the project that the customer receives is a comprehensive contract that includes design, manufacturing, factory production, installation (including structure, piping, electricity, equipment installation and hoisting), as well as procurement of equipment materials, paint, insulation and corrosion protection. Heat tracing, scaffolding, parts reversing, etc. We have a project-type modular turnkey for the content of the previous section.
1. Electrical module integration service     2. Explosion-proof system integration service
3. Heat tracing integration service             4. Metal support integration service

Professional subcontracting service introduction

After the project is established, there are many modes to choose from, and professional subcontracting is the mainstream method in the current practice. That is, according to the division of labor, it is divided into the following sub-items:

This mode is a common practice of the project, and the advantage is that the quality of professional division of labor is guaranteed. The disadvantage is that there are many layers and multiple interfaces during the execution of the project, and there are procurement and manufacturing docking, manufacturing and installation that are prone to problems. Docking, docking of installation and hoisting, docking of installation and scaffolding, etc., because each part is provided by a professional manufacturer, so it is inevitable to do everything in the planning, once there is a disconnect, it may cause delays in the construction period. As a general contractor, Yanda is bound to have multiple professional personnel to coordinate two times or even several times.

Project-based subcontracting service introduction
After the customer gets the project and decomposes the contract to confirm the scope of his own work, the other parts are limited to the whole package and adopt the project-based subcontracting mode, which will reduce the professional interface. From a structural point of view, it will be relatively simple, and a limited project-type subcontractor can be responsible for the customer. The design and manufacture undertaken by the project subcontractor, the manufacturing work in the customer's factory, and the on-site installation are all coordinated internally. The task instructions issued by the customer will be changed to the ones issued by each professional subcontractor. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the work while the responsibility, rights and benefits are simpler and more straightforward. After the project is signed, according to the division of labor, the project-type subcontractors can actively coordinate all the production factors such as people, materials and materials at the key nodes of the project. Actively and effectively cooperate with customer companies to achieve the purpose of reducing expenses and increasing efficiency. The specific division of labor still needs further consultation.

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