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Joint Execution

With the growth and development of trade in the global region, Good Engine™ will provide customers with tailor-made industrial project system services to meet market demand and minimize geographical impact, helping customers achieve a balance between operating costs and efficiency, and respond to increasingly severe Environmental and market challenges.

Good Engine™ has formed a joint systems engineering management team with a focus on innovative design and technology. European Systems Engineering has a strong presence in Totally Integrated Systems and Industrial Design, and Good Engine offers comprehensive design, procurement and engineering contracting services. Through the perfect integration of CEIBS technology, the two sides complement each other and help customers in different countries to meet regional challenges and meet the requirements of global standards. The joint systems engineering management team is based in Shanghai and consists of designers and engineers from all disciplines, with the strength to undertake construction and system design and technological innovation.

The joint systems engineering management team has extensive experience in construction and design. Team members have participated in many new projects and provided service advantages to ensure the connection between the design phase and the construction phase, simplifying the supply chain. Pay more attention to the construction of the project, reduce unnecessary communication, and strengthen cooperation with the general contractor to make the whole process smoother.

All industrial designs and services meet the required standards, including international standards from organizations such as ISO, IEC and CENELEC, as well as national standards from organizations such as UL, CSA, FCC, VDE and OVE.

The professional engineering and execution team is equipped with advanced design and project management tools to provide design support to customers using international design standards and specifications.

The harsh conditions in the industrial sector place special demands on engineering services. Our approach fits these requirements exactly: our solutions are known for their outstanding availability (>99.96%) and at least 10 years of service life.


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