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Rapid sterilization temperature measuring system

Sterilizing passage system

1. The sterilizing channel skeleton adopts galvanized pipe, one-way passage, 1.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters long.

2. The disinfection and sterilization channel occupies a slightly higher terrain than the surrounding area, and the ground is paved with non-slip and leakage non-slip pad, so that the soles can be sterilized and sterilized when the personnel passes through safely;

3. One atomizing sterilizer (220V power supply) is set in each disinfection and sterilization channel, with power ≥1KW and effective atomizing area ≥10m, so as to ensure no dead Angle disinfection and sterilization;

4. Intelligent solution ratio and control: the spray disinfectant is diluted with disinfectant, which can be diluted according to any set proportion according to the usage requirements; If the effective chlorine content of disinfectant is different, it can be adjusted according to the effective chlorine content;

5. The atomization disinfection and sterilization device can be used to intelligently judge the liquid level reserves, and can be added automatically to save energy intelligently and efficiently.